Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some Final Thoughts - Great Blogs don't Die They Just Fade Away

Today my hat goes off to Some Fianal Thoughts for having one of the most unique interesting web sites from our blog roll of mature bloggers. Here you will find some interesting pictures and articles. Thanks Alan G.
This blog has since retired and left is with blank in out hearts

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Terri said...

I found my way to your blog via Alan's and I applaude you for the topic you're addressing here.
As an RN who has done multiple home health visits in Florida, I was astounded by the number of elder abuse cases we came across. All of our admission packets had the abuse hot line listed and patients were instructed on it's use.
I believe this is a topic which needs more coverage. And I think many people don't realize that "abuse" comes in many forms....not just physical.
So good for you for having such an intelligent and informative blog.