Friday, May 4, 2007

Ashburn’s Caregiver Background Checks Bill Advances

SACRAMENTO – Senator Roy Ashburn (R- Bakersfield) announced yesterday that Senate Bill 692 to expand caregiver background checks passed its first hurdle in the Senate Public Safety Committee on a vote of 4-0.

Under current California law, participants in the In-Home Social Services (IHSS) caregiver program for low income patients must be cleared through a Department of Justice background check. Unfortunately those caught in the middle, people who don’t qualify for IHSS, but cannot afford to use a private agency, lack the legal authorization to request a background check on a potential in-home caregiver. SB 692 grants them this authority to protect themselves or their loved ones and obtain a background check on an unlicensed in-home caregiver.

“While the vast majority of in-home caregivers operate in a lawful and ethical manner, we need to make sure that dangerous individuals aren’t given a chance to abuse or neglect the most vulnerable among us,” said Senator Ashburn. “This bill will give patients and their families the tools that they need to protect themselves from potential abuse.”

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