Monday, November 26, 2007

Proyect Nursing Home Research Pto Plata D.R.

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On Thanksgiving Day we asked our readers to visit the nearest Nursing Home and visit with the elders, bring some trinkets and spend some quality time with them, you will go away richer for the experience, naturally we would not ask our readers to do anything that we would not be willing to do ourselves.

So today we went on a mission we went to the flea markets, collected clothes from donors and purchased trinkets, stuffed animals for the girls and the men wanted domincan cigars, so we purchased a few cigars for the men.

On the way shopping we plan to stop at a restaurant for lunch, and stop and take some pictures to share with our readers, We plan on travelling by motorbike in Puerto Plata this makes it easier to get around cheaply quickly, effortlessly and makes exploring the countryside, mountains and rivers fun.

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