Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Horrible Horrible Case of Injustice


This is an awesome site. I fought through the guardianship system until finally when all my mother's assets were gone they said here you can be her guardian now. I became her guardian to help her.

It was hard but they cannot hurt her anymore. It cost her $200,000, it cost me $30,000 and now I am being sued for $20,000 when $60,000 we have proven was stolen and the judge said the guy has to return it.

It has been a nightmare. My mother suffered in a home in a State far away from where I live. Her hip was broken. Her caregivers would not help and would not get her to a doctor. Adult Protective Services was called they told me to file for guardianship to help her. I did and it was contested. In the meantime the court appointed several attorney ad litems and guardians until her money was gone. I have paid attorneys all I can.

It is a horrible horrible case of injustice because now the guardianship system is going after me and my assets.

Please can I call you or can you call me at 713-545-0820 so I can see how to share my story


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