Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Letter to President of the United Nations

Dear President Srgjan Hasan Kerim of the United Nations

Sir, through you and the United Nations, countries and states have established universal objectives which represent the common good of the human family. My family and yours.

Part of your founding principles is the "the quest for justice, dignity and human rights." There is another principle of "responsibility to protect" that should be the foundation of all actions taken by those in government.

Sir, serious violations of those principles are seen in various parts of the globe. But here in my home country, the United States, there is an unseen violation of human rights that, until recently, has been kept hidden. Violations that target the most unsung group in our entire civilization - the elderly - our mothers and fathers!

Mr. President, in America, the terms "guardianship," "conservatorship" refer to a court system that was designed to protect vulnerable elderly as they struggle with mental or physical decline. But what the system describes is not what is happening! Lawyers, guardians, conservators, County agencies are charging astronomical prices for their "services!" It pivots on the issue of money and does so in incredibly destructive ways.

Seniors have become victims of this legal process. Elderly Americans are being robbed of their freedom and life savings by a legal system created for their protection. It is a system that, in practice, serves lawyers and guardians over clients.

Mr. President, people, reporters, family and victims of this corrupt system are being intimidated, fired, threatened with legal and personal "sanctions" if they describe, in public, their experiences with a guardianship system that has become contrary to State statutes! Statutes that describe a protective system that is necessary for all of us as we age. And, Sir, it has been described, by some, as reminiscent of what happened in Nazi Germany.

This is court-sanctioned corruption and has become wide spread throughout the United States. Many elderly are, actually, refusing needed medical attention for fear of being caught up in a system that financially rapes their estates, alienates families and places the "conserved" in terrible and neglectful nursing homes.

In many cases the conservatee is drugged and over-medicated as court appointed lawyers and guardians spend their money as if it was theirs! And the conservatee usually has no idea of what is being done to him or her.

The conservatee has been deemed "incompetent" by the court and almost always without a fair process. Estates and assets are turned over to complete strangers - lawyers and guardians - that have ulterior motives and agendas..... money!

President Srgjan Kerim, the United Nations has always been, in a way, the epitome of the human race! And like Mother Teresa said, "you can`t do great things without great love," I feel, as many others do, that the treatment of the elderly in the US is something that should be of interest to the United Nations.

Thank you for your time, Sir.

William Roberts
2135 Nord Ave. #46
Chico CA. 95926

UN Office: S-453A, UN, NY 10017 USA
Tel: 212-963-1439

For those of you that did not get this letter out the first time here is another reminder to copy and paste and please send the body of this letter to the United Nation's President Srgjan Hasan Kerim or anyone else by regular mail, your participation in this campaign is most warranted.

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