Thursday, May 22, 2008

Think it's Not Happening in America?


You are in danger of losing everything you have worked your life to attain - including your home, your personal belongings, your investments, and perhaps even your life.

Think it's Not Happening in America?
Think Again!

You will lose your freedom and have less civil rights than a criminal.
Why? If you become ill or incapacitated and you have an estate or property, you are a target!

Even if you have executed advance directives, courts may override them (without due process of law) and appoint a stranger as guardian.

Guardians and their attorneys will take everything you have — while claiming that they are protecting you!

You will even lose the right to complain about being exploited. Your family can go broke trying to free you from the vultures picking your financial bones.

Unless we STOP them!
We are facing a growing national epidemic!

If we don't stop the unlawful and abusive guardianships then none of us is safe - not your grandparents or your parents, not even you or your children.

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