Saturday, January 10, 2009

Extra Judicial Killing by Police Sparks Civil Unrest

San Franscisco USA January 8th 2009

Recently we predicted civil unrest in major US Cities in a recent post under Ten Predictions for 2009. what we din't know that the prediction would happen so quickly.

An extra judicial killing of a youth caught on tape and witness by thousands sparked outraged, police ought to take some lessons from Fidel Castro who at least had the common sense to march the people behind a wall out of plain sight, however it seems the authorities no longer fear the citizens they are sworn to protect and and feel blazen to act whenever they like and wherever they like.

According to witnesses the execution went down like this: Grant was returning home to the East Bay on a BART train in the early hours of Jan. 1, after celebrating New Year's Eve in San Francisco. A fight broke out between two groups of riders on the train about 2 a.m.

Police met the train at Oakland's Fruitvale station and ordered passengers onto the platform. Grainy cellphone videos broadcast on television and viewed thousands of times on the Internet show Grant lying facedown on the platform.

Police Officer Johannes Mehserle stands over the young man. He reaches for his weapon and shoots Grant point-blank in the back. Grant was unarmed.

Grant, who has a 4-year-old daughter, was buried Wednesday morning.
Source=>>L.A. Times

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