Tuesday, January 6, 2009

U.S.A.'s War on The Middle Class

The United states War on the elderly, the afflicted, the middle class is going well and the dice-throwers that govern our nation the elderly, the afflicted, the middle class has become what were once called "useless eaters" this class is now effectively priced out of health care, higher education and justice which due to the prohibitive cost of civil action have been effectively priced out of "justice for the rich and affluent."

Our Jails and prisons are overflowing and the Sunshine State the Flim Flam Capital of the World is now claiming a new milestone Florida is proud to claim for the first time our prison population turns over 100,000, only California and New York have more inmates. There will be new tent cities to house all the inmates, Fema holding camps under Blackwater is a far more likely scenario.

At 100,000, Florida's prison population roughly equals incarcerating one out of every four residents of Miami

Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Walter McNeil said that Florida will need 19 new prisons and the DOC budget to double to $4 billion. Building more prisons will cost Florida Taxpayers a once time investment of $76,923 per prisoner to that add $20,000 per year to to keep each prisoner locked up.

The USA's war on it's citizens is not only filling up its jails past the bursting point but it's claiming many lives and no one is safe, not the mayor, not judges, but as long as the populace believes this are isolated cases and that it can not happen to them the war will continue to gain momentum until it's too late and the civil rights and means to fight back are all a foregone conclusion as the immigrants of communist countries know all too well.

Since I don't like to talk in generalities I will give you a few actual examples of well documented cases which are easy to confirm of what is quietly going on in our country while just as quietly freedom slips through our fingers like sands through an hourglass.

You're the mayor of a small town. You come home after a day at work, find a UPS package on your front step and bring it in.

Moments later, gun-toting officers from the County Sheriff's Department burst into your home without knocking and shoot your two Labrador Retrievers. Then, they handcuff you and force you to sit and watch your beloved dogs bleed to death.

It turns out that the package, unbeknownst to Mayor Cheye Calvo of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, contained marijuana. He and his wife were the victims of a drug-smuggling scheme that singled out innocent customers in the UPS system.

How American People are Being Terrorized From Within

Last January, Tarika Wilson, a 26-year-old mother living in Lima, Ohio, was shot and killed by police while she held her 13-month-old baby in her arms. The police had burst into her house in search of her boyfriend, who was wanted on drug charges. There were toys on her front porch, making clear to the police that children were home, yet they fired away indiscriminately.

Kathryn Johnston was a 92-year-old African-American woman living in a dangerous Atlanta neighborhood. In the middle of the night, she heard the sound of someone prying off the burglar bars that covered her door. Thinking a criminal was breaking into her house, she got out her gun and fired shots after the door was broken down.

But it wasn't burglars. It was the police, armed with a no-knock warrant. They never identified themselves. Instead, they shot at her 39 times. That's right, a 92-year-old woman was shot at 39 times. Then she was handcuffed and left to die.

Just two months earlier, Pam and Frank Myers were watching a movie in their home on a Friday night. All of a sudden, police officers -- members of the same Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff's Department that killed the Calvos' dogs -- barged into their house.

Though it was immediately clear that the police had broken into the wrong home, they held the Myers hostage for 45 minutes. For good measure, the police shot and killed their five-year-old Boxer.

Last summer, Round Lake Beach, Illinois police got a no-knock warrant and smashed down the door to Robert Tomasetti's apartment following an anonymous -- and erroneous -- tip that drugs were being sold there. They, too, shot his dog dead.

Several years ago, Alberta Spruill, a church volunteer and city worker in Harlem, was just waking up. It was 6:00 am. Without warning, a battering ram broke down her door and police tossed a flash grenade inside. The trauma and the smoke caused her to have a heart attack. She died on the way to the hospital. And the police never found the drugs they were looking for because there were none to be found. The police were operating on bad information.

Even police are being harmed. During a no-knock drug raid in Inkster, Michigan, two officers were injured when bullets fired at a dog ripped through the animal, ricocheted off the floor and struck them. And during a Paterson, New Jersey, drug raid, as a police officer on the second floor of a house shot a dog, the bullet passed through the floor and hit another officer below.

Police departments have instituted arbitrary arrest quotas with promotions and raises hanging in the balance they then hold press conferences bragging about their big hauls and the number of people arrested.

Last summer, Round Lake Beach, Illinois police got a no-knock warrant and smashed down the door to Robert Tomasetti's apartment following an anonymous -- and erroneous -- tip that drugs were being sold there. They, too, shot his dog dead.

The horror stories we have shared with you of elders isolated drugged and killed for their money, children with ailments separated from their parents and if a mayor's home is invaded and his dogs are killed or a 92-year-old woman is shot at 39 times by the police, it makes the news. But for every incident like this, there are hundreds -- even thousands -- that never get reported. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

How can this happen in America? Whatever happened to our constitutional protection against unreasonable searches and seizures? Whatever happened to "A Nation of laws" the notion that the police are there to protect us, not kill us?

The War on the Middle Class ,The Elderly,The Infirm, the War on Drugs is destroying the lives of far too many people . Even family pets are being killed in the crossfire. Just as ominously, this misguided war is unraveling the very fabric of our society and our civil liberties. It must end now!

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Anonymous said...

Innocence no longer has much to do with U.S. justice. The plea bargain and denunciation system enables the prosecutocracy to extort or suborn whatever perjury it needs to satisfy impressionable jurors relying on their recollections of often complicated testimony. Procedure and evidentiary rules are a stacked deck; and the judges are usually ex-prosecutors whose leanings are obvious. The Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendment guarantees of due process, and other criteria of the rule of law, are treated as sentimental cant from century-old civics classes. A fear-mongering media and a massive prison industry endlessly demand more prisoners and longer sentences in a country that already has eight to 12 times as many incarcerated people per capita as other advanced countries, such as Canada.