Friday, December 26, 2008

The Betrayals of Our Daughters

LISTEN TO father Jeffrey R. Golin and attorney David J. Beauvais, interviewed live on December 20, 2007, on a one-hour broadcast on BBS radio Channel 2, with Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D., “What’s Ailing America?” “State Sponsored Kidnapping and Forced Drugging of an Adult Autistic for Profit”. MP3 audio file, 100Mb,


Any help to offset some of the expenses associated with freeing Nancy would be most appreciated. Nancy desperately needs to live in her own home, and again have qualified, expert medical care, and round the clock rehab. As it is she is even now being subjected to treatment at the hands of the same ill-qualified general practitioner that caused her 25% bone loss, illegally poisoned her on Risperdal and Zyprexa, ruptured her esophagus then had her dumped all alone in a hospital fighting for her life vomiting blood and chunks of her esophagus.

Please note: Because we is solely focused on saving Nancy’s life and freeing her from State custody at this time.


Dear Jeff; What would a Father not do to protect his daughter or a son his mother or father? I hope that others will soften their heart and realize that by helping Nancy they are helping themselves as the good that men do does comes back to them.

I am grateful that my mother Clara G. Fernandez was able to break the shackles of tyranny twice, once in her native Cuba and here and is now safe. We must now turn our attention to those that are still being tortured and their families destroyed Not in Guantanamo, Cuba but here in our own gulags at home in any city USA.

I am posting this check in hope that others will help free Nancy , especially those that think that this could not happen to them, those that I get letters from that usually start with " I never thought this could happen in my family." Wake us and educate yourself, this is happening in everystate and every city, USA No one is inmune or safe.

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