Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Senior Citizen in Florida

It is my opinion "guardianship" court appointed/self appointed should be readdressed in its entirety.

Obviously, "guardianships" are not working for many people. Therefore, all sides should be considered, equally. Blaming the victims and their families should not be a part of it. Also the entities policing themselves are a waste.I make my comments because of first-hand knowledge.

For over four years,in South Carolina, a self-appointed guardian and others, not family, created so much pain and chaos in my family. The victim, (deceased) Those effects are horrific, life altering and still continues with no end in sight. The courts, so far, has left the case, for the most part, unaddressed.

I recognize it as a "failed system."According to published reports, Elder Abuse is considered one of the fastest growing crimes in America. If guardianship's for all involved are not in those considerations or at least, problematic, obviously it should be. It seems to me the blame game and finger pointing with reasons as "disgruntled relatives" and other non-productive words, are just what they appear to be, excuses.

Keeping in mind "failed system," who needs excuses? My family would prefer results.For any citizen in America to be denied any basic civil rights should ring alarm bells throughout this country. For our weakest to not be protected, and especially through the courts, where will that lead us in the future. A very slippery slope?One would think our governing entities would recognize and address the domino effect of abuses that are occurring with many of our citizens. Perhaps then the alarm bells of Denied and Unequal Justice will no longer ring across America and the pandemic of elder and vulnerable abuses and failed "Guardianships" will no longer exist.

A Senior Citizen in Florida
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