Friday, December 26, 2008

Please Tell Your Story

“TELL YOUR STORY” Help Us Warn Others Before It's too late!

”Over and over, we are hearing tales of horrorand woe associated with involvement with and within these guardianships.“Family members are being removed under the doctrine of ‘best interests’ from family on exaggerated and false charges.

Family can do no right. These guardianships can do no wrong, and are not held accountable for abuses or funds.“The elderly person's situation does not get better, in fact, notably, conditions worsen to a marked degree in a short period. Loved ones can do nothing.“The elderly person's money disappears at an alarming rate. There is no accounting of the funds to family members.

Protective laws are ignored. No attorney can or will help. Family members seek help but issues sit in attorneys office and nothing is ever done. Meanwhile the elder person suffers, family members are treated as criminals when they try to help.

“The abuses of the guardianship are overlooked by the judicial system, whereas family must tow the line to acompletely different standard of behavior.”People are robbed of their life savings and die in poverty and in abusive conditions.

No one can or will help.

Meanwhile, as the elderly persons suffers, family members suffer, third parties are gaining financially from this horrible mess and great abuse.”OVER AND OVER AGAIN, THIS APPEARS TO BE MORE OF A RACKET THAN A SINCERE ATTEMPT TO HELP THE ELDERLY.”

Oftentimes, it is a matter of merely educating family onguardianship or care but this is usually not the option.Once in these guardianships, family members and loved ones are not allowed to see the records. Thus, these guardianships are protected from any checks and balances on their actions.”The legal system seems to be ignoring this very serious situation and those attempting to bring awareness are attacked and vilified.

”Please tell your story.”

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