Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In Lousiana Elder Murder , OK?

In primitive Louisiana, guardianship is relatively rare. Our attorneys commonly bilk vulnerable clients using less formal tools such as the power-of-attorney.

Here is an example=>> http://ladb.org/NXT/gateway.dll/SC/1999-09-08_1998-2646.htm.

Eric Baxter

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Anonymous said...

South Carolina also uses less formal tools. The power of attorney, printed from the internet will work. Just get a notary and witnesses (the good old boys system will work) and off to the bank, home, business, anywhere there are $$$$.
The "victims" or "ward" will have a "guardian", look, it says so right there on the POA.
The above comments are a fact, I know! It surely happened with my family member as he was suffering from SEVERE PROGRESSIVE ALZHEIMER DEMENTIA!

Anonymous said...

It happens all the time and it's the way of the future. Soon there may be a federal system of taking people and turning them over to "professional guardians". The National Guardianship Association actively lobbies for this agenda.