Friday, December 5, 2008

Responses range from Mild to Radical

revised 12-5-08

Responses to our posts continue to pour in from all 50 states in the USA and they range from moderate to downright hostile.

You take away somebody's mother, you rob them , you convert a legitimate inheritance into "legal fees" and what do you have? .- Someone that has nothing else to lose.

Although this topic evokes very emotional responses from people that have lost their parents from what they feel is prematurely, (such as myself) we can not "NOT" talk about it and hope the problem goes un noticed and goes way, it just isn't going to happen.

And if you pretend not to know, just google Probate Murders, or go to Supremelaw.Org and read about it ask Eric Baxter about the torture and murder of his father well documented here=>> or here=>> or read about Dr. Robert Sarhan hereto ignored pleas for help here=>> to bring his mother home and take her off dangerous medications that he knows are killing her , or Adele's Nightmare =>> or the many cases documented here too numerous to mention them all.........

But do understand that the indifference to our suffering and injustices being committed to our fathers and mothers are creating deep wounds within our society that threaten to tear us apart.

We can not change the way our victimized and their traumatized families feels anymore than we can change others, we can only change ourselves.Remember we are all a product of our environment.

I also have to live with Post Stress Syndrome and this is not an easy thing for any of us.

When I witnesses my parents who were in love like no other after 58 years separated without the benefit of a court order (something that we never thought could happen here) or any respect for their constitutional rights for the sole sake of taking their wealth, raiding their Trust thereby denying their grandchildren of their 25% share and their chance at a paid for College Education, this is very taxing experience for even the most rational of individuals.....
Not to mention destroying our lives, seeing my father die a slow torturous death asking for my mother everyday and then seeing our credit destroyed and everything we worked for ostracized , our mother incapacitated through neglect , well this has made me come to question everything I believed in.

We hope through our work to expose the injustices and make the courts take note, we do have a problem and it has to be addressed and investigated through the proper channels and it needs to be done and it needs to be done NOW!

BECAUSE we as Americans CAN NOT afford to continue to make radicals of our own citizens with wanton disregard polarizing, radicalizing millions of Americans by taking their parents and charging outrageous fees while doing so ?

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