Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open Letter to Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum

    22795 S.W. 212 AVENUE
    MIAMI, FLORIDA 33170
    TEL.NO. 305-246-4279 home
    TEL.NO. 305-338-6160 cell

    Florida Attorney General
    Bill McCollum
    Office of Attorney General
    State Of Florida
    The Capitol PL-01
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050

    Dear Mr.McCollum,

    Over the past four and a half years we have begged your agency to help my mother, get out of a fraudulent guardianship case, here in Miami-Dade County Florida. By your agency ignoring us over the last four and a half years, you have destroyed our lives. You have a responsibility to protect the elderly people of South Florida and you have failed to do your job and the results are devastating. Recently, I filed a writ of habeas corpus in Federal Court and I found that your office is representing Judge Arthur Rothenberg, I could not believe that you would represent a criminal over the victims, here in South Florida.

    Elderly Abuse and Exploitation 825.103 is a crime, and the people that are supposed to protect the elderly are the ones committing the crime. The Probate Judges, The Attorneys and The Guardians are all working together to extort million and millions of dollars from the elderly people of South Florida. Our lives are being destroyed yet, You, Congressman, Senators, The Governor all know these crimes are being committed by the Judges and yet you look the other way.

    In our case, 03-3440, In re Guardianship of Yvonne Sarhan, My mother’s court appointed attorney was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time. This attorney denied he was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time, which is a Fraud Upon The Court, which is supposed to void all judgments and orders of that court. However, the Judges seem to do whatever they want because they know, you will look away at these crimes against the elderly.

    I asked you for help for the past four and a half years and my mother and I were denied. Tell me, how you would feel if my mother had 440,000 dollars in the bank and it is now gone, taken by the Judges, Attorneys and Guardians. The House that was once mine and stolen from me, and was paid for, has a reverse mortgage and is owned by someone else. How could this happen in America, to be ruled incompetent, when the court appointed psychiatrist rules you competent, is against every principle that this country stands for. The Corruption is so bad in the Dade County Courts that we have absolutely no possibilities in winning, even though the law states we are right.

    What are you going to do to help us, before I dropped dead of a Heart Attack, you have caused me to live in such an enormous amount of stress that I kiss my son Good Night over and over, thinking I will not wake up tomorrow, because you have allowed the Judges to get away with these crimes for so long, they know they can get away with murder. There is no laws in the Courtrooms because of you and the State Attorney look the other way, while the Judges Attorneys and Guardians, robbed the elderly out of every dime they have.

    If you do not come to our aid, you have left me no choice but to file suit against the state of Florida for allowing the elderly abuse and exploitation to occur, many of us have contacted you and you ignored us, what do we have to do to get your attention?

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Robert Sarhan, M.D.

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