Monday, January 28, 2008

Adult Protective Services Investigator Protects Woman's Legacy

by Maria M Gallo ,Esquire.

I also know of at least one Adult Protective Services investigator/social worker in this circuit who was called into a case via the abuse hotline.

She arrived at the hospital to find the elderly victim in severe medical distress, having suffered some period of time, from severe medical neglect. The Adult Protective Services investigator correctly identified a VERY EXPENSIVE ring ($80,000) on the lady's finger and properly turned it over the lady's court-appointed attorney for inclusion in the lady's inventory.

This ring could easily have disappeared and it might have been checked off as being lost by the hospital or lost at the lady's home or a host of other possibilities. Instead this very expensive ring was able to be included among this lady's assets and legacy.

There are some good investigators and social workers. Let's give credit where credit is due.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we never hear of the honest investigators. Most of the time we only hear of the negative aspects of the job. There are MANY, hardworking, compassionate, honest investigators in the field. I would say more honest than dishonest. Most people don't do this work for the money. They do it for the personal satisafaction of helping others that the job brings.