Friday, January 18, 2008

Elders Are Sitting Ducks

Alexander Chancellor Revised Jan 18, 2008 The Guardian ~

Parents are sitting ducks. They can't imagine that their children would want to do them any harm!

Recently there has been a spate of articles on Elder Abuse.
The New York Times first took up the subject....And the consensus among the experts is that most Elder Abuse - physical, financial, psychological, even sexual - is carried out by relatives.
"The rich and powerful are as helpless and vulnerable as anybody else," said one American specialist in the field.

It is the same in Britain. The Charity Action on Elder Abuse recently published a chilling report saying that middle-aged sons and daughters were the people most likely to rob their parents.
It said that 53% of theft, fraud and deception against elderly people was committed by their children.

It seems incredible that they should allow greed to override their natural affection....
"Maybe they just resent having been born."

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