Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dr. Robert Sarhan Pleas For Justice

1.The Petitioner ,Yvonne Sarhan, never wanted nor requested a Guardian,this was forced upon her will......

2. Yvonne Sarhan requested orally and in writing to Judge Bruce Levy."that if she had to have a guardian she wanted her son Robert,M.D."

4. Yvonne Sarhan was competent at the time of her being adjudicated incapacitated on August 5, 2003, she was ruled competent by the Court appointed Psychiatrist,Dr.Mario Sanchez on March 10,2004. Dr.David Racher also a board certified Neurologist at Baptist Hospital,also evaluated Yvonne Sarhan and both agreed that she was competent and had good judgment and Insight about her financial and personal life.

..... means these judges in the Probate are ruling the elderly people in South Florida incapacitated ,when they are fully competent to make decisions for themselves. ........

Read about the Murky, Tipsy Turvy convoluted world of elder law, where nothing seems like it is...

Please support Dr. Robert Sarhan who is due in court to have his case heard in the Miami Federal Courthouse at 3:30 on January 23rd, 2008

Anyone that is able to offer Dr. Sarhan any support, either by being there or by offering to help as an attorney , Robert's family is in desperate need of compassion and support during this difficult moment in which he is seeing his family destroyed right before his very eyes.

Get in touch with Robert and offer any support that you are able to:

Dr. Robert Sarhan , M.D.
22795 S.W. 212 Ave
Miami, Florida 33170
305-338-6160 cell
305-246-4279 home

Habeas Corpus.pdf

Response to Strike Motion to Dismiss Writ of Habeas Corpus


Anonymous said...

To: ag.mccollum@myfloridalegal.com

Dear Attorney General Bill McCollum

My name is William Roberts of Chico, California. And as a non-Florida
resident, Sir, I would, please, ask for just 20 seconds of your time.

Sir, the letter below - from a Dr. Sarhan of Miami - is being circulated across the country. Dr. Sarhan is asking/begging for help in a
guardianship problem that seems to plague Florida as well as many
other states. Guardianship abuse and corruption!

Sir, what is very disturbing to me and others is that Dr. Sarhan`s letter
typifies so many other letters, articles, stories that I have read - not
all but many from Florida.... too many!

With all due respect, Sir, why does an agency/Office like yours -
designed and created to uphold the law - seem to ignore so many
cries for justice? Justice that appears to be non-existent on a local
level. With so very many letters and articles, describing a problematic
guardianship system, it would seem to me that the Attorney General`s
Office should be of great concern.

Thank you, Mr. McCollum

William Roberts

Senator Mel Martinez
Governor Jeb Bush
National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse
Victims of Guardians

Anonymous said...