Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quit Claim Deeds+Alzheimer's=Windfall Profit

Miami,Florida USA.- He was buried on Monday ! I had written to you about how he was isolated and secluded from family. We got to see him last year and he got a pneumonia in the nursing home. Ended up in Larkin Hospital then sent back to the Nursing home and then finally to Hialeah Hospital. He passed away from a heart attack!!!!

My father went to see him at the hospital till he passed away. However the wife's daughter took his property away while secluding him last year. I just saw legal documents showing that the name preparing such QCD -Quit Claim Deed is the same as the nursing home owner where he was staying . It is strange. I think there is so much bad things surrounding his death and these people stripping him from his home. I feel sad that he died and they did this to him !!!!


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CFN #2007 R 529347, Group ID #1
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MY uncle Pepe's Wife's Daughter filed a Quit Claim Deed on 5/25/2007 when Tio Pepe was missing or secluded away without our knowledge where he was. He had Alzheimer's and so this document should not be valid or legal.

We are not going to pursue this but it was not legal when a person is secluded and isolated from family and with a mind set that they forget things.......THis person harmed my uncle !!!! Her mother could of signed it for herself but not for Tio.

Its just sad what they did to Tio Pepe !!!


I am sorry to hear that your Tio passed away, they have to do those Quit Claim Deeds after they have Alzheimer's , same with my mother, they have a lifetime during which they ignore the elder and then when they are on their death bed they show up with documents on hand.

What's even more sad is that the authorities don't see it for what it is, elder financial abuse and robbery and intervene, the rule is normally once you notice their mental powers declining, the first one to get to them wins, no matter prior directives, Wills or Trusts, it's better to circumvent probate by showing up on their deathbeds pen in hand and attorney in tow or so it seems.
and Alida and I don't blame you for not pursuing it legally, elder justice is for the rich, it took Clara over $100,000 in legal fees for the court to come to the same conclusion we knew from day one, that she had been improperly removed from her home.

Financial exploitation should be considered if the patient has suddenly transferred assets to a family member.From: Irwin
N. Perr, MD , JD

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