Monday, January 14, 2008

Friends and Loved Ones in Puerto Plata Wish Clara a Farewell Before Going Back to the U.S.

After a wonderful and relaxing two month stay in the Dominican Republic, neighbors come to say good bye to Clara and wish her farewell. Back to the U.S. from her brief break of continuing and never ending court hearings. Back to resume her four year long battle against her abusers, and ever since her family went public in regards to her plight, her case is gaining a head-wind.

Clara was allowed to travel to Puerto Plata, a vacation that was planed for many years.

The last two months she has been continually surrounded by people that keep her company and love having her with them, people who will do anything within their power to keep Clara out of a nursing home and make sure that she receives all of the loving care she deserves.

It was just heartbreaking to see our mother go from a dynamic business woman to an abused, duped, and finally incapacitated person by neglect, all of this in a matter of a very short time.

She was a wealthy, independent and proud lady that was turned into a broken shell of a person, mostly dependent on the generosity of those who love her deeply as a friend and they have taken care of her without any sort of remuneration.

This is Clara before she was removed from her home and broken, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

We, her family, are very emotional about returning back to the U.S. and having to fight for Clara's protection and security, and every elders right to remain and maintain their own home.

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