Friday, January 18, 2008

Son Takes Dead Aim at 65 Year Old Father Celebrating Birthday Kills Him Instantly

Lewiston,ME, USA Sun Journal.Com By Christopher Williams , January 17, 2008

Poirier climbed into his pickup truck with a .270-caliber Browning rifle and drove to his father's Lewiston home on Grove Street where he was celebrating his 65th birthday with family members, including children and a baby, Marchese said.Scott Poirier parked in front of his sister's house next door and walked around the back of his parents' home.

There, he stood in the rain and pointed the rifle at his father through a glass door, using its hunting scope to take aim. When he squeezed the trigger, the bullet traveled through the French doors. It grazed the elbow and back of his aunt, Pearl Roger, who sat at the dining table, shattered a wine bottle and struck his father in the neck, killing him.

The two sides in the case will disagree on Poirier's state of mind when he pulled the trigger, the attorneys said in opening statements.

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