Saturday, December 27, 2008

Florida DCF Acted in Clara's Best Interest


The Florida Department of Children and Families was acting in Clara G. Fernandez's best interest when their attorney recommended to Judge Richard J. Audlin at the hearing on Oct 3rd that the Guardianship Not be terminated.

An Adult Protective Service Investigator

Dear APS and reader;

Thank you for writing . If you are familiar with Latin culture you know that we like to take care of our own, as do a lot of Americans that we have come to know , for a stranger to come along and say that they know better than us, the elders own family what good for them is a stretch and an insult.

According to Conchy Bretos , a Miami-based housing consultant "Latinos traditionally prefer to care for their older loved ones at home", in a story published by Elizabeth Pope an article on AARP Segunda Juventud.

Why did the DCF not investigate the complaints when Clara who was diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer's and whose identity was stolen? She was being shuffled around from nursing home to nursing home and from Hotel room to hotel room "like a puppet on a string" Judge Gary L. VonHof.

It most have been very disconcerting of a 87 year old with Alzheimer's with
balancing problems to have been left alone un-protected in hotels rooms! You would not have allowed that for a child, Why did you ignore her then? When we tried to get you to intervene then and save her from injury, then you could have made a difference?

So many questions so much silence.........

In our case the DCF spent a lot of taxpayers money and too much time trying hard to find something wrong with the right people and too little time protecting Clara from the people who were negligent in her care and who saw this as an opportunity to re write her Will and liquidate her Trust thereby denying my children and my grandchildren of their legacy as
Clara had set forth and desired in her pre-planning documents, at what point did we stop being a "Nation of Laws"?

This is a serious oversight that cost our parents their golden years together.
There are plenty of witnesses,Doctors reports, neighbors who know how close Dr. Fernandez and Clara were to their family for the DCF to have condoned their separation and break up which caused Dr. Fernandez untold anguish and ultimately his death deserves a serious investigation.

As far as the DCF acting in Clara's best interest, there is an over abundance of evidence and a lot of questions that for the sake of the ones that come after us SHOULD be asked and NOT swept under the rug, so that we are able to better protect those that need help and those that come later.

Ray Fernandez


Anonymous said...

I have been a reader of this site for many months.
Please allow me an opinion regarding the comment the DCF investigator made, "Acting in your mothers best interest."

I am a 70 year old senior and a resident of Florida since 1964. I do not know all the details of your mom's situation and do not need to know to say/ask the following as an elder. Since when does an agency take over another person if there's a son and other family members willing and able to care for them. When government interfers in peoples homes and lives to that extent, I look at that VERY CLOSELY.
It could happen to me?

It does not take a genius to see what really happens in cases like this. It appears to me its not only money but control, chiping away the rights and earnings of private citizens.
Since it seems to have happened to your family Ray and therefore could happen in my personal life
here is a message from me to the DCF in Florida and any other governing agency. As a senior and private citizen, stay out of my home and my private life.
I have been managing just fine for 70 years,without DCF and/or any other government agency telling me what is in my best interest.

A Senior in Northwest Florida

Ray said...

Thank you very much for speaking out, your comments bring to mind the quote "The goverment that govern the best is the government that governs the least".
God Bless and Happy New year.