Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Political Office to the Highest Bidder , Just Don't get Caught. Do it on the Sly.. Todays Politics

Washington, DC -- December 9, 2008

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement today in response to the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich:

"There has been an air of lawlessness around Governor Blagojevich for some time and Judicial Watch applauds U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald for his actions.

"Blagojevich's corruption is no surprise, but its breadth and depravity is shocking. The alleged efforts to sell the Senate seat of Barack Obama are outrageous, but also seem to implicate many other powerful politicians and political players. Especially disturbing are the questions the scandal raises about Barack Obama and his close associates.

"This is a burgeoning crisis for Obama that should shake his presidency to its core.

"The criminal complaint filed today indicates that Obama and his team knew about Blagojevich's efforts to sell Obama's Senate seat. ("Tony" Rezko, Obama friend, fundraiser and real estate partner, is once again implicated in the corrupt activities exposed today.)

"Did Obama report Blagojevich to investigators about any efforts to sell his Senate seat?"

Judicial Watch has been investigating Rod Blagojevich for over two years and has ongoing open records litigation concerning the sale of government jobs for which he was arrested today. Blagojevich has stonewalled and refused to turn over documents to Judicial Watch that could have alerted the American people to his corruption.

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In view of the blatant corruption in the legal system where everything is for sale should we act surprised? Besides we sell seats to the NYSE why not to the Senate and Chief Judge Seats? The One who brings the most money to the party gets to seat in the chair....
Are you disgusted yet? We can't help but wonder what is it going to take for Americans to wake up from their deep slumber and take back their country from the opportunists,looters, and grave robbers.

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