Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Diary Of A Lovesick Elder

Al's daughter has permitted me to share her dad's diary in hopes other victims will recognize this all too frequent scenario for what it is. A calculated courtship by ruthless predator, perpetrated on an frail and befuddled prey, often under the noses of a helpless family and a government unable or unwilling to call this a crime.

May 3, 1999 Diary Of A Lovesick Elder

It isn't often we get some insight into the sweetheart scam. In his investigation, KXLY-TV's Tom Grant came across the diary of Al, then 79 years old. In it, he keeps track of his "romance" with 39 year-old Annie.

If these were the musings of a man in his prime, we would undoubtedly label him a fool in love and deserving of whatever he got. That may be how Annie sees him, but then Annie's a sociopath, so nothing is ever her fault..

The truth is she chose Al because of his frailties, his imparities, and most of all, his money.

Friday, Jan 13th
Didn't see Annie today. She went to the dogs. About three times she went there this week. Never asked me to go. I think she might be seeing someone. If she doesn't love me and don't want to marry, she can tell me. I'll rent her the house, but I'm taking the car.

Saturday, Jan. 14th
Called her 10:30 a.m. She just got up and said she will call me later. Called me about 5:30. I try to hug or kiss her and she still turns away. I am sure she doesn't love me. Just as a friend maybe, but that's not enough for me. If we don't get married next couple months, I'm through. It's six years now.

Sunday, Jan 15th
Called Annie about 11:00. Went to store for her. Doesn't want me over tonight. Some romance. I'm ready to quit.

Monday, Jan 16th
Called Annie morning. Called me back 6:00. Had me call her about 7:30 to see if I was going over. Argued about getting married. Told her I had spent $50,000 on her in last six years. I told her I needed loving. She said she did too but have to be married.

Thursday, Jan 18th
Went to Annie's. Got her potatoes. Took clothing back. Got $96 back for her. She called about 8:00 to come over. Needed me to do laundry for her. I love her but she doesn't love me. Says she does, but doesn't act like it.

Tuesday, Feb. 14th
Freddy was going to take them all out to eat. I'm never invited. Hope to win a million soon, then I can do something for them. By summer I will be married to Annie or our relationship will be over. I need physical contact. It's been a long time. No love. They went to a small town Indian reservation. Had gambling. I couldn't have gone as I am broke.
For nine years Annie strung Al along. After his money ran out, the lady became even less available. But still she stuck around. After all, there was that life insurance policy to consider. Al finally died in December of 1998 under suspicious circumstances.
And where is Annie now? Living in the house that Al sold his own home to buy for her. She also got what would have been his family's entire inheritance: hundreds of thousands of dollars in all.

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