Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The "Sweetheart Scam" Don't be her next Victim!

Thank you Kansas L. for sharing your experience with us!
This is so horrific and to think that these con artists are allowed to perpetuate death and destruction , and like the New York mugger who assaulted not one, but two(2) elders, on the same day, and only faces a misdemeanor with one year in jail , then is let out to terrorize other elders.

It is beyond belief that the leaders of our society would allow vulnerable citizens to be preyed on in this manner.
-Ray Fernandez
"Remember when laws are not enforced Innocent people die."
"The way that society doesn't value these people is
reflected in how we have been investigating and prosecuting these cases," said;
Deputy Prosecutor Page Ulrey.

Sweetheart Swindler Rachel Ann Marks


Story by Kansas L.

Annie Marks, who murdered my dad has multiple elderly victims, including 4 victims while simultaneously victimizing my dad. Their are at least 5 known victims and probably more we will never hear about.
Annie and my dad never married, co-existed together, hugged, kissed, nor had sexual relations while she exploited and abused him. This is very common with this type of scam. She and her family thought of my dad as dirty because he was non gypsy. All victims are non gypsy.

Annie is married to a man named Jodi Marks aka possibly Steve Marks.
She introduces him as either her cousin or brother. They along with her family travel the US and Canada in search of victims to exploit.
There are many different gypsy families that do this.

They are well organized crime family or group often referred to as "Gypsy Mafia".
Each benefit from what the other exploits from the victim.

Known names and aliases: Rachel Ann Dobelstein, Rachel M Dobelstein, M Dobelstein, Ann M. Marks, Ann M Dobelstein, Ann A Marks, Ann A Dobelstein, Annie Marks, Annie Dobelstein, M Marks, M Dobelstein, Rochelle Marks, Linda Williams, Sandy Steve, Joanne Williams, Linda Marks, Rose Marks, Rosie Marks, Elaine Marks, Barbara Adams, Tony Marks, Rachel Boudoir ( not cure of correct spelling for deceased elderly Canadian victim)

Annie's date of birth is July 10, 1953, Pocatello, Idaho.
She has social security numbers in WA State and FL under my dad's last name Dobelstein.

Annie and her family drive several different types of expensive care\s, some of which were purchased by my dad. Some include a black Mercedes with gold chrome ( purchased right after my dads murder), Dodge mini vans, Blazers, white Buick, red convertible.
The Mercedes was purchased using a life insurance policy stolen from me and my children.

Annie is still using my dad's name to obtain credit at furniture stores and other companies.
Criminal history from 1970 to current, but not limited to: Welfare fraud, social security fraud, conspiracy, insurance fraud, identity theft and fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, vital statistics fraud, staged auto accidents, store diversions, psychic and palmistry scams, theft by deception, DMV fraud, sweetheart scams, business fraud.

Other Known Last Names and Associates: Riste, Rist, Ristke, Ristau, Rice, Stanley, Nicholas, Nichols, Tanner, Loeo, Steve, Bufford, Tenne, Tene, Teene, Tenee, Tene-Bimbo, Adams, Williams, Williamson, Mitchell, Lama, Llama, Hage, Hill, Yonko, Miller, Marko, Milo, Call, Butch, Thompson, Tyler, Bray, Bruno, Gambino.

These families also use their victims last names and other info and they use each others names and identities. They have various spellings and pronunciations .
They often change 1-3 letters in names and numbers in social security numbers and birth dates. There is usually a group of families living in the same house collecting various forms of state benefits or insurance.

Their names appear on property deeds and titles, or the elderly victim is so drugged up and manipulated that they sign their names on documents giving them their life's work. And if the victims is drugged, they won't even know what they did. Wills are changed, cars are purchased, credit obtained, power's of attorney are created.

They abuse, neglect, exploit, and even poison their victims with "Foxglove" AKA Digitalis.
The victim is manipulated into believing his/her family and friends don't love them, are trying to commit them to mental treatment centers, only want their money, etc.
The victim is manipulated and brainwashed into believing that their sweetheart scammer loves them and that the victim is the only one for them and etc.
They isolate the victim from medical care, social life, basic needs, clothing and more.
The victim is conned into feeling sorry for the scammer and buys them what ever it is they want.
Victims personal belonging and heirlooms begin to disappear and are sold to give the money to these sociopath criminals. Soon everything is gone and the victims sells his/her home and other belongings left and gives the money to them on the promise of marriage. Or in order to get married the scammers say he/she needs money for medical, household items, personal items, etc. Then after this is done or during, the scammer says a family member dies and they have to wait a year to get married.

It is a gypsy custom that when a relative dies no one can be married for one year.
Each year a family member supposedly dies and a marriage never happens.
By this time the victim is too emotionally and physically drained and he/she is either on their death bed.
When they die they are usually found dead on the floor in the nude or in bed.
ALL victims of these families die the same deaths. The autopsies are preformed are always the same or are very similar in results.
All victims die in filth and poverty, though they were well to do when the scam began.
Most victims don't survive. If they do, it is not without irreparable damage.
These scammers use a drug called Digitalis or herb "foxglove" to poison the victim.
This drug is not traceable or very difficult to trace and gives the appearance of "natural" age related illnesses and death. Foxglove can be grown in your home, garden or found in the wild.
It is usually placed in the victims food and the victims never knows. Digitalis is also heart medication made from the foxglove plant, and is toxic and fatal. The scammer can poison the victim slowly or quickly, depending on what the scammer is after at the moment.
If they intend to kill, the scammer gives toxic doses of the medication or herb.

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Concerned said...

Please look at this website, for a new updated look at Rachel Annie Marks, aka Linda Marks:
Click on bottom right, "Transient Offenders", then click on page 1. As of Oct. 16,2008, she is the first on the list as "Sweetheart Swindler". In prison, but should be indited for her Spokane crimes.
It is the same woman, only older.
The nose, brow, chin, bone structure,eyebrows, mouth are all the same, only older.

Anonymous said...

If you see enough of these gypsy mugshots, you undoubtedly will see similarities in a lot of the individuals. That is because in fact, most are related by blood or extensive family ties. I am thouroughly amazed that this group of people are pretty much allowed to run roughshod over people, especially the elderly and still be at arms length from the law. Just google for instance, "Stanley paving scam" and you will see page after page of driveway paving scams perpetrated by a single but large family of gypsies that go by the name Stanley. There are many more and they travel all over the country year round bilking the elderly out of thousands and sometimes tens of thousands. They get caught on a regular basis but always somehow manage to skirt any serious lagal consequences. The gypsy family that lives across town is very large. They start having children at a very early age and by the time a gypsy couple is in their mid twenties, they typically have 8-10 kids already. They get their children involved in a life of crime at a very early age.

Anonymous said...

I am sure this is the same woman, though of course you are correct about family similarities in appearances. However in this instance, I am sure this is the same woman.
If you go to Google,type in 'Florida Prison offender search', then in their format,type in for white female, just the last name Marks, this woman/option will appear,and you will see her pic.
No,she looks more like Rachel Annie than any other...I do not think it is a sister.I think it is her.The facial bones are the same.

Anonymous said...

The Gypsies / Romany in Europe, when caught, were sent off to concentration camps by the Nazis. Wonder why...?