Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Study: "Quarter of Elderly are Abused by Close Family".

JPost.com » Israel » By RUTH EGLASH

A quarter of elderly Israelis living at home and being cared for by family members are neglected and abused, according to a study released this week by the University of Haifa's Department of Gerontology and School of Social Work.

Most of the neglect, however, is unwitting and stems from a lack of professional support for families caring for elderly relatives.

"Not all the signs of abuse are physical," said Dr. Miri Cohen, head of the Haifa University team that carried out the research with assistance from medical and social welfare personnel from Rambam Medical Center in Haifa and Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem.

According to Cohen, this is only the second such study exploring elder abuse in Israel. A study conducted nearly two years ago produced similar figures.

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