Thursday, October 11, 2007

The System Fails to Protect Victims of Elder Abuse

"During that time her older son Adalberto Fernandez Jr. came to visit only once.The nurses noticed that Clara's well being took a turn for the worst and she became agitated for several days following his visit." KWCC Administrator


Not to mention that Adalberto Fernandez "partner" William A Hart created a disturbance and police had to be called by management.

The courts is now calling for equal rights of access to the elder from the perpetrators , the courts did not read the psychiatrist report by Corliss A. Rupp M.D. where the Victim suffers from Post Stress Syndrome.

The system to protect our elders is not adequate and not only does it protects the alleged abusers but rewards bad behavior by rewarding the perpetrators and punishing the victims and their families.

To Read Clara's Psychiatric Evaluations by Qualified Medical Doctors in pdf format go here >>

Dr Aguinaga 11-2-05. pdf =>

Dr Kaplitz .pdf =>

Kaplitz Aug 10 2005.pdf =>

Dr Rupp 10-18-05.pdf =>

Health So. Evaluation.pdf =>

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