Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who is my Mother's Guardian, Robert Tischenkel

Key West , Florida by Dennis Reeves Cooper

The voters’ ouster of self-anointed Mayor-For-Life Jimmy Weekley in 2005 was the beginning of a clean sweep movement in City government that is still continuing today. That year, the voters not only replaced 20-year incumbent Weekley, they replaced the traitorous Tom Oosterhoudt with Bill Verge on the City Commission. And space cadet Carmen Turner voted herself out by not running again. The voters replaced her with Clayton Lopez.

Then, it wasn’t long before Bob Tischenkel— one of the most incompetent City Attorneys in recent memory— decided to “retire” before he got canned. His cover story was that he was going to return to Miami to be with his family, He had been commuting for years.

But, for some reason, he is still lurking around town. We hear he’s sharing an office with former City Commissioner Ed Scales.

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Mr. Tischenkel once appointed warned that the rapidly mounting legal bills by his attorney could result in a lien placed on Clara's house and the loss there of.


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