Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Reason Clara's Previous,Guardian Quit is an "F" Word

that spells "Frustration". Angela McClain , Clara's best friend knew how thrifty Clara was , Clara never bounced a check in her life, Clara was never late in paying her taxes her credit was beyond spotless, and to see her friends billed thousands months on end with out results led Angela to question which side the attorneys were working for ?

This frustration led Angela and myself to dismiss the guardian attorneys and hire H & H .

Now fast forward from January to September 2007 , eight (8) months go by and to Angela, perhaps Clara is not getting her money's worth when eight months go by and nothing happens in the way of having Clara's assets returned to her so that the money can be used for that purpose for which it was intended.

In the face of such massive frustration Angela McClain was thrust out of the picture...

Now this brings some new questions, with the principal, guardian Angela McClain gone, how did the guardian's attorney perpetuate himself in power ?

December 4th. 2006
xxxxxx Kennedy Drive
Suite xxx
Key West, FL 33040

Re: Clara Fernandez Guardianship

Dear (Attorney) Mr. xxxxx:

This letter is to advise you that I want you to inform and include Raul Fernandez, Clara'`s. son, in regards to Guardianship matters including any and all decisions which are made in regard to the litigation. Also, I want you to inform not only Raul but xxxxxxx.,the family attorney. Any decisions must be with my approval.

I understand that a Motion to Vacate The Orders which were entered on November 20, 2006 was agreed to without my consent. Ms. xxxx of your firm had assured me that if the decision went against Clara. Attorney xxxx would insist on setting a date for a new hearing. I have heard nothing in regards to this, and as stated previously was not informed of the Motion To Vacate, nor conferred with prior to that decision.

Having lost a great deal of confidence in xxxxxx. I can only wonder who she really is representing . Clara has paid your firm Ten Thousand Dollars to date . and has literally nothing to show for it. Please advise if and when a re-hearing is scheduled.

Angela L. McClain


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