Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Where Is My Money?"

Clara's story is just one story out of the many elders throughout the nation.

Elders who planned meticulously for their old age and now find that their funds are not available to them for simple items such as food, clothing, utilities, travel or entertainment, instead, she will undoubtedly out-live her assets, and her assets will be used for the benefit of others outside the family primarily, "The Guardianship Program", that's been forced down the throats of her family and caregivers.

The caregivers are family members who have cared for Clara and her husband Dr. Fernandez for numerous years with an excellent record of loving and caring for each other and most of all, for Clara must now rely on the whims of a guardian who has never spoken with Clara personally and just doesn't seem to understand what is at stake here .

The same family members whose hands are now tied in making the most basic decisions regarding her living arrangements, and ensuring that all of her special dietary needs are met.

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