Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Letters to Editor- Corinne Bramson

I have bad news for all of those who are victims. Last night I was informed that FOX will NOT put my mother's story on. They have been pressured by the evil doers of guardianship.

They have been told by the guardianship and The evil grandchild that my mom was incapacitated by the panel of 3 who were sent in by the courts. The fact that Doctors who actually knew and treated my mom said differently seems to be wiped out.

Chad Tendrich and I say his name, I hope all of you call the station and complain that making FALSE and UNSUBSTANTIATED allegations is illegal and yet the states and probate courts all over this country are allowing these people the right to get our parents entangled into the system based on lies.

When you become 93 you are naturally handicapped but does that allow people to use age to put them into guardianship so that they ate stripped of all rights and their life savings?

Even though my mom had 4 doctors( one who was her doctor for 10 years) that said she was in full capacity . I now ask that all of you need to give a polite call to Suzanne Boyd , who was forced to drop this story and tell her this is WRONG. The media is pathetic.. Guardianship is imposed not because you get old but it's intention was to protect the elderly from abuse, and Chad Tendrich made accusations in a court record saying untrue accusations and now I will have to go and start an action to prove that he clearly lied to the court to put Corinne Bramson under guardianship so as to try and stop Corinne's charges; that his mother, Jackie Tendrich, stole money, committed grand theft and identity theft against her. I have the police report and plan to publish it.

I ask everyone to call and complain that to not tell this story is wrong. Her number is 561 881 0755 Suzanne Boyd.

She needs to know that all those who put elders into guardianship will tell lies and that guardians will NOT side with those who are not going to allow their loved ones be exploited by the guardianship system . Please be polite but passionate. I am truly saddened that Corinne Bramson was forced into guardianship ,stripped of her rights lost over $250,000.00 in legal fees and was killed by the guardian because they chose to put Corinne into a Hospice program under a false diagnosis and killing her in 12 days with morphine. This outrage must be told.

Please have anyone you know call the number I gave and tell Miss Boyd that it may be "safe" to not tell this story but it is immoral not to. It is too easy to put people into guardianship and that must be changed because once you are in temporary guardianship you never get out. We should call for prosecuting those who make false and unprovable accusation to get the elderly into this outrageous program and when their allegations cannot be proven those making the accusations should be prosecuted for false witness and they should be put in jail and fined.

I am going to see if we can call for such a law....prosecution of anyone who makes an untrue or unprovable accusation that causes an elder to lose all rights and live the life out without quality or civil rights by being forced into Guardianship should be sentenced and fined, We must liken it to the law that is already in place that makes screaming "FIRE" in a public place when there is no fire ILLEGAL.

I am so angry but even more committed to getting out the word. Name the names in your calls. Caresource, of Ft. Lauderdale Fl, is the guardian who placed Corinne into Hospice without proper diagnosis or documentation. Hospice by the Sea allowed her to enter the program and had Corinne sign herself in even though she was under temp guardianship. Chad Tendrich lied when he claimed in an ex-parte hearing that Corinne Bramson was in imminent danger when she was actually living freely in an assisted living facility.

I am now learning, don't be afraid, name names, out these vicious greedy corrupt people. We must take back our right to live out our lives without the government stripping of us of human rights and dignity.

I cried last night not just for my mom but all the moms and dads to be tortured and stolen from. because the system enables this process to continue. I also cried for all of us who might one day be the next victim of this injustice. In Nazi Germany those not being tortured later lived to find themselves being tortured but it was too late.

Please, send this open letter to anyone who you think will care or be willing to call FOX and complain. To do nothing is to give this nightmare law more and ever growing law more powers and stifle our basic human right. G-d help all of us and this country , we surely will need it.


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