Tuesday, November 25, 2008

USA No Country For Old Men

"A significant number of legislatures have not recognized the autonomy and liberty the U.S. Constitution guarantees older Americans. Many elderly lack the resources, knowledge, and stamina to advocate zealously their own interests and rights relative to the novel issues that accompany old age. Guardianship is the system whereby the state is supposed to care for and protect its elderly citizens who are without the means to care for themselves. Too often, this system--designed to protect the elderly is used to exploit them and rob them of their dignity and autonomy."Mark D. Andrews Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois;

The standing of older people in the community, largely based on age and wisdom, is being eroded as the culture from the “Land of the Gimme-Gimmes and the Home of the I-Want-Mores” which has led to the abuse and neglect of older people by their relatives and their government.
An increase in violent attacks has left others fearful that they will be next and asking: "Why should I be violated at this age by a child that I made grow or have my rights taken away by a system I supported and paid taxes for all my life ?"

If long-term change is to be possible, older people must become the agents of change themselves; feeling able to voice their own stories and having a forum in which to do so.

Please send a note of encouragement and a donation to the people that are making this forum possible EstateOfDenial.Com work appeared in USA Today.com for their Estate Looting of the Rich and Famous (and How It Can Happen to You) column.

We predict tougher times ahead for the property poachers, asset looters, grave robbers and/or walker stalkers who maintain claims of estate abuse are nothing more than disgruntled family members lashing out.

Our most sincere congratulations on the efforts of all that have been there to pick us up when we fall and remind us that the voiceless do not deserve to be muffled or their families vilified or made to look dysfunctional for the sake of paving the way for the looting of their assets.

The Editor of Elder Abuse brings food to an older person during a cold spell in Key West

E.A. wants to thank Eric Baxter for the big contribution he made to our work after we posted the Donate Button on our site. Please help Eric by supporting his work to raise awareness and take a minute to visit his website:

Is This Obstruction of Justice?

Is This Homicide*?

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