Wednesday, November 12, 2008

80 year old retired Military veteran lost 5 years of his freedom: His Civil Rights

As the Jury asked their one question of the court, “Why has it taken Five years to give this man his trial?” And then return their Not Guilty verdict for the 79 Year old Mr. Evans Abington Virginia, Nov. 14th - In a 2nd major crushing loss Government prosecutors which pursued Mr. Evans conviction for five years, a jury in Abington Virginia failed to return guilty verdict Wednesday on a criminal charge against a 79 Year old Military Veteran; an innocent man falsely accused of being a terrorist!!! How that could have happened to a 79 year old, US Military Veteran? A USA 20 year Veteran Falsely Accused Of Terrorism!!!

Where Is the American Freedom, "The Star-Spangled Banner?” The Freedom it represents, land of the free , the blessings of liberty, In a 5 year Fourth Circuit case, United States v. Evans shows the ludicrousness that attaches to the prosecution of crime when criminal intent is disregarded. Mr. Evans 74 year old veteran went to the Rural Development Agency office to complain about a wrong past due notes on a USDA housing loan, Evans became upset and angry with a clerk at a (RDA).

Evans advised them that he was not attempting to threaten the employee, but instead “the system.” Mr. Evans Lost is last remaining bother, Donald a war Hero; died 12 Jul 2005 in, Nevada; which Mr. Evans never got to see while he was in False imprisonment, Mr. Evans Health Conditions

-His health is failing; He had lost over 40 lbs, he suffers from diabetes, poor circulation, High blood pressure, skin cancer and very little exercise was not allowed, He was not receiving proper medical treatment. -He has been miss-treatment by the Guards & deputy Sheriffs at the Bristol, Roanoke City Jail and Butner as well as violations of his rights, as to constitute cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, violating article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political RightsIn 2002 the circuit court of Carroll County, Hillsville took over $100,000 Mr. Evans property in a missed miss handled first test and only case for meeting city cleaning and property ordnance and then Hillsville County Administrator of Carroll County, allowed all the property to be vandalized and destroyed as well some of property is missing and stolen. • (All of the Boat Motors were stolen, Tires, wheels were stolen, all the car trunks had been broken into and all Items stolen, all the vehicle car hoods were broken into and parts stolen from the engines. As well all the windows on all vehicles were broken out) •All the 9 Vehicles, 3 trailers and 5 boats which were being secured and protected by Carroll County, Hillsville administration allowed all of Mr. Evans property to be vandalized and destroyed. •Note an investigation was performed by the Hillsville Police on the property that was vandalized, but there was no determination by the police on who vandalized the property. He has already lost 5 years of his life, his Social Security Benefits, his personal property, his savings and his home in VA. In which the Rural Development Agency (RDA) office in Wytheville, Virginia auctioned off in April 2006. Abominable conditions of Evans confinement; Spending 1, 778 days of his life lost in the system!

Evans case was in limbo for 5 years now, awaiting what the last step his freedom; Evans now 79 years and was just released from prison on 26th September 2007, and now finally free on the 14th of November 2007.New River Jail: Mr. Evans placed in a prison Pod (no larger than a court room) with 112 inmates, where sleep on the floor four months and where the Two convicts were working as Government/FBI informants; Conspired with the FBI falsely claiming as well as accusing that a 79 year Old retired Military Veteran Mr. Evans, wanted to kill a Federal Judge, in order for the Two convicts to have their more than 20 year sentences reduced.Bristol Jail, Virginia: Evans has held in isolation at the Bristol Jail, Virginia for most 2004 & 2005 in solitary confinement in his 5 x 8 ft concrete cell for 24 hours a day, where he shredded news papers into 15 inch squares pads woven together and stacks the woven pads on top of each other in order to elevate his swollen feet to reduce the swelling from where he suffers from diabetes, poor circulation, High blood pressure and very little exercise.. Also Evans described in letters from where he was held at Bristol Jail, Virginia of where a young 19 year boy hung himself in his cell which had a 7/24 hr surveillance camera. In letters from Evans, where he spent most of 2006 in solitary confinement at the Roanoke City Jail, VA

Roanoke City Jail, VA: In letters from Evans, where he spent most of 2006 and the first part of 2007, in solitary confinement at the Roanoke City Jail, VA. Where Evans describes mistreatment being like torture, verbally harassed on his cell intercom, scalded, humiliated, brutalized by six guards and showered soaked in his cell, while the guards allowed other inmates to throw water in cell for 4 weeks during Christmas and the new year, as well as Evans reports that he was totally confined to cell in February2007 with out privileges’ to shower nor shave, in a way that sounds (reminiscent of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.)

Are the erosion of fundamental Constitutional Rights, human rights and the civil liberties occurring in the United States of America, Freedom to Fascism? Psychiatrists were frequently employed by the Communist Soviet Union to forcibly drug any citizen, to cover up mayhem, where dissidents were often declared insane, then drugged and imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals prisons to keep them quiet to silence critics, but Evans an veteran who severed in Strategic Air Command and who fought against the communists in WWII, Korea and Vietnam never expected such tactics to be used by our own government. For speaking his mind “He stated that the United States was heading towards communism and was not a free nation any longer.”

As well as voicing his opinion, could be deemed subversive and mental your condition questioned by the Government. Which now can get you long terns in prison these days as in the sorry methods of our government as it plays games with American citizens., the rightist of the right-wing courts, upheld Evans detention, much as they had done in the numerous case before and increasing case now, as Evans has learned over 5 years of incarceration, the government civics lesion of this present Administration, thinks it can walk all over the Bill of Rights” your rights” and get away with it. When one plot fails, they have another up their sleeves. And when they run out of tricks, they turn their energies to making a criminal case against you, all in the great cause of liberty and justice for all. " AT THE HEART OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH LIES THE RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST ABUSE AND TO VOICE UNPOPULAR AND EVEN POLITICALLY IN CORRECT OPINIONS” Evans has already lost 5 years of his life, his Social Security Benefits, his personal property, his home and his savings. Yes Maybe Mr. Evans alleged Comments were right, “the government was out to get him” as well as his comment to the RDA agent “He stated that the United States was heading towards communism and was not a free nation any longer.” Is there no accountability for this type of Bush government and the federal judiciary that enforces the government’s political agenda politics, transgression to Soviet and Nazi Era? Instead of investigating and punishing the real criminals… murderers, thieves, rapists, federal officials are moving heaven and earth to avoid a public trial that should expose the fact that a man has been held in prison so long without a trial for speaking his mind, “United States was heading towards communism.” With blessing of the court, they can force an individual with whatever potion MIND-ALTERING DRUGS the government’s doctors wish to use to experiment with, in an attempt to mold a person’s will to the government’s purposes. Of course, most of us realize that injustice like this happens in third world dictatorships, but this is happening right now in the United States.Apparently, attempting to maintain the appearance of a fair judicial system is more important than the fundamental right to a fair trial. It appears to be an example of an abuse of power and judicial corruption. Is there justice for all in the United States of America, or just courts that do the bidding of the connected?You be the judge.

“America should applaud the real patriotism of public defenders and especially the Jury team “The Public Defenders who delivered there two major crushing losses to the Government prosecutors; The Public Defenders that worked so hard over the past five years to investigate this complex criminal Government conspiracy scheme and uncover the truth of the false imprisonment of Mr. Evans as well as bring the wrongdoers to justice.”


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Ray said...

I have always said that after an elder gets Alzhaimers's or dementia the general rule is the first to get to the family wealth gets to keep it, possesion is 9/10ths of the law, and if the elders have to be sacrificed to do it, it's okay as long as attorneys(Probate Mafia) get their share of the loot.

I very sad state of affairs indeed, it cost my parents their golden years which turned into their golden nightmare.

The courts if you think they going to help the elder, they often side with the attorney who is eyeing IRA , Involuntaary Transfer of asets.

More and more elders can look forward to getting scammed by greedy relatives and attorneys when they start to lose it.

Don't expect any protection from anywhere, they won't be any forthcoming from any source.