Monday, November 24, 2008

Rick Courant Comes through for Connecticut Woman Held Against Her Will In Forced Guardianship

By EstateOfDenial.Com

Good news for Marilyn Plank, the Michigan woman who was being held in Connecticut due to a questionable guardianship. Rick Green of The Hartford Courant is doubtfully on the Christmas card list of many Connecticut probate judges, but for those of us committed to exposing the corruption associated with too many probate cases, thanks once again, Rick, for helping to “shine light on the dark side of estate management.”

And speaking of “dark sides,” the last years of Brooke Astor’s life are receiving additional “light” with the release on a new book entitled Mrs. Astor Regrets. The trials of Tony Marshall and Francis X. Morrissey Jr. are scheduled to begin in January.

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