Monday, November 24, 2008

The Crisis that Gave Need For Clara's Guardianship,

"The stories seem to gloss over the crises that gave need to the guardianship and why family members were not appointed as guardians initially." NAG Report "Emerging Trends.pdf =>>

On August 20th 2004 Clara G. Fernandez who was 87 years old and having been diagnosed for Dementia and Alzheimer's was tricked away from her home where she was held incommunicado and isolated under the influence of powerful psychotropic drugs.

Clara friends,immediate family including her husband of 58 years became alarmed and after being turned down for help by law enforcement were referred over to the Florida Family and Children who stated that they did not have police powers and were un-able to do anything to get Clara back re united with her husband and family.

The DCF told Clara's family that the only way to ever get Clara back again was to file a Guardianship Petition.

The Guardianship petition took a while to file and before Judge Von Hof could sign the order that enabled Clara to come home, EMG Emergency Guardianship Petition the perpetrators had left Clara alone in a hotel room where she fell and became paralyzed.

Clara here to enjoyed regular exercise and was in excellent health.

During the time that Clara was held under isolation, the caregiver forced her to sign away her assets under the guise that she had been unfair in the writing of her will.

The Guardianship succeeded in getting Clara home with the people that she wanted to be with, however the Guardianship destroyed Clara's hereto A1 credit by repeatedly paying late on her mortgage thus killing the family's ongoing negotiation to refinance the mortgage and lower her payments by 50%.

We were under the impression that the Guardianship would retrieve Clara's assets.
No such thing ever occurred, in fact Clara's real estate assets were auctioned off on the courthouse steps because non-payment of real estate taxes

The legal cost to Clara starting in 2005 after she was abused and became paralyzed as a result of negligent behavior that was never investigated , Clara was further penalized with legal costs of $56,864 in 2005 and of $25,000 for 2006 the totals for 2007 and 2008 are still being tallied but believed to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, is the National Guardianship Association which is run primarily by attorneys going to tell me that this is what an older person that abused can expect in the form of help? and that this is normal and that we the family do not have a right to complaint!

The facts of this case have been exceptionally well documented and all we ask is for a review of the situation so that others that come after us do not have to lose their parents and their rightful legacy that others would like us to believe is more theirs than ours, the immediate family that has always been there for our parents.

Contrary to the report by the NAG we would give credit if credit was due, however these guardians failed miserable in the sacred trust to protect our parents and we feel took advantage of the situation by padding their fees un hindered and un checked without bringing any tangible benefits that could be substantiated in a court of law.

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