Monday, November 10, 2008

Letters to Editor Can You Help Me!


I am writing you to let You Know my children have been ripped off by the Public Guardians Office in Las Vegas I know most of your stories have been centered in New York,and Florida but this kind of stuff is going on everywhere.

I am a 38 year old mother of two teenagers_ My husband died in 1991 and my kids were left with the insurance money, over $300,000. The courts appointed an attorney to represent my kids (long story behind that issue) and then about a year later the lawyers gave it to the Guardianship office because the lawyers were costing my kids too much money (they voluntarily stepped down). What a mistake that was. I don't know the exact amount of my kids trust accounts because the Guardianship office sends me nothing (gee, ya think-i should know something, I'm their mom), but I do that they are down. to less than $90,000 each.

These people-make me so sick I have recently discovered that a news station has been reporting on the agency and has uncovered many sad, disgusting stories of their raping of innocent elderly and children. I live in San Diego now so I have relied on the Internet to keep up on the stories.
I have tried to get the trusts over here since jurisdiction lies here, but when I lave tried to-do that they hire a lawyer here, file an- objection and then charge my kids for the expenses. I do not have the money to fight it and even if I did I would just be adding to the depletion of their trust because the guardianship office Charges my kids. I have recently spoken with the a news reporter who handles the stories: I explained my situation and she told me to get proof of some of the things the Guardianship office is charging my kids for that they are not doing. She said she would do a story in it But somehow it just doesn't seem to be enough.

For years it has been so frustrating knowing these people are getting away with stealing money from innocent people and not being able to do something about if. I want to get these people, I want to sue them and try to recover some of the money they stole.
Do you have any suggestions for me?
Can you help me?


Korinne, we have a system that eats its own,young,old,sick it doesn't matter
you will be vilified, attacked, you will lose your health, your sanity and see your lives destroyed. We have many groups that are trying to change the system.To them I wish the best of luck.

As far as suing the legal system that protects it's own, there is such a disparity from the most majority of workers that actually produce something that earn $16- $26 hour that to pay an attorney from $350 to $450 dollars an hour for endless hearings renders any legal remedy out of reach and prohibitively expensive, lets face it justice is for the rich the poor are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, and regarding Legal Aid and free legal help they minute they hear there is a Judge involved in a Guardianship case they will show you the door faster than you can say Obama Hussain....

"As far as any one that gets caught up in the Guardianship system, pray that their suffering be brief". Eric Baxter

My advice to you is look out for number one, try to save yourself , if you are destroyed you will be in no position to help anyone , we have now reached critical mass , the point where it is every man for himself.

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Eric Baxter said...

I think publicity is your only chance.

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