Monday, September 15, 2008

Letters to Editor - Pray His Suffering Be Brief

Thanks Ray,

My father's case involved an attorney who is now a judge. My attorney advises me to abandon any expectation of justice under these circumstances and he is concerned I'll be sued for defamation for reporting my father's abuse even though it was mandatory.

On the other hand, there is a sham judiciary commission investigation and I think even the slightest exposure in the press would probably result in her removal and disbarment.

We have a state attorney disciplinary board which could have nipped my father's exploitation in the bud had it followed its rules. I really think that would be the most effective way to stop legal exploitation, by the way. I'm sure you know there is much demand for new legislation to address elder abuse but, as current law is ignored, I see little point in enacting new laws to be ignored.

Eric Baxter

p.s. Someone asked me for advice the other day about what to do if an elder falls into the legal system. I said

"pray, his suffering be brief".

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