Sunday, September 14, 2008

The War Comes Homes

by Janet C. Phelan :

Someone asked me recently how my mother died. I simply responded, "She got into a delivery system and I couldn't get her out."

"Delivery system" is a term I picked up from an FBI agent. It is a euphemism for the extermination process which has begun in the U.S. This process--which will result in the eradication of the Jewish population--is obviously not being publicized. It is at considerable personal risk that I am attempting, through a series of articles, to expose this agenda before it is too late. It is already too late for my mother. It may not be too late for others. Therefore, I consider the risk immaterial.

Amalie Muriel Strauss Deren Phelan came from German Jewish stock, although she was born in the U.S. Educated on the East Coast, she received her Master's degree from Cornell University and her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Syracuse University in upstate New York.

At the age of 21, she married Solomon Deren, M.D., a professor of Psychiatry at S.U, and several decades her senior. Deren had escaped from Russia during the pograms in the early part of the 20th century. When he died of a heart attack seven years into their marriage, Amalie moved to Alton, Illinois, where she worked in the state psychiatric hospital. In Alton she met my father, James Phelan, who was at that time a fledgling reporter at the Alton Evening Telegraph. Six weeks later they married and remained so the rest of their lives.

My father went on to considerable prominence in his field. He worked as an investigative reporter at the Saturday Evening Post, as well as publishing widely as a free-lancer in national publications. His first book, "Howard Hughes: The Hidden Years," made the cover of Time Magazine in 1977 and became an international bestseller. He went on to author two more books, the latter of which he worked on while he was terminally ill with lung cancer. He received the advance copies from Random House the week before his death in the summer of 1997.

He did not know at what terrible risk he left my mother.

When I was a child, my mother used to sit on my small bed at night and tell me stories about her own childhood. One story I never forgot.

A young classmate followed her home from elementary school chanting, "Dirty Jew! Dirty Jew!" I recall experiencing enormous relief that our society had advanced to a point where I would never experience such a hateful and unprovoked attack. Little did I know at that time what lay in store for us.

The particulars of how Amalie Phelan was "delivered" is an extremely personal story. It is a recounting of the absolute refusal of our system to protect her life. It is imperative that, as you read this greatly abbreviated account, you understand that at many junctures there could have been intervention by societal safeguards--the courts, the police, Adult Protective Services, the District Attorney's office--which could have prevented her untimely demise. The fact that there was a blanket exodus from her situation is most telling.

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Janet I have no doubt there also could have been intervention in my father's life by APS, the police,DA, which would have prevented my father Dr. A.J. Fernandez early death and my mother's incapacitation and subsequent IRA (Involuntary Redistribution of Assets).

There is something very wrong here.................

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