Wednesday, September 3, 2008

E.A. Editor: Blogging From the Emergency Room.

Key West, Florida USA by Ray Fernandez

On Friday, August 29Th, while out on an errand for my mother, I was rear ended, jolted forward, and found myself in the middle of US Highway 1.
Luckily for me, the oncoming high speed traffic missed my vehicle by a narrow margin making me realize how frugal life is.

The driver of the other car was eager to show me that there was little or no damage of the vehicles without any regard for my injuries. Today's modern cars are made to sustain quite a jolt, especially when hit squarely 'bumper to bumper,' unfortunately we can't say the same thing about our aging bodies.

When I attempted to get out of my car to inspect the damage, I realized I could not move or get out of the car under my own power. So when the driver of the car that hit me said; "We don't have to tell anyone about this,".....I said; "Oh yes we do!" and dialed 911.
Within minutes an ambulance was on the scene and the EMS immobilized my spine and rushed me to the E.R.

The end of this month marks the 14Th month that my mother's Social Security Income had been diverted from her and into a bank account set up by a "professional -court-appointed guardian."

My in-laws, who have been unselfishly loving and helping me with my mother for months now during their U.S. visit, will have to stay with us longer until I can recover.
We can not afford to pay them for their time and expenses. They have never expected to be paid to help out with her care, they consider her their family and she considers them family as well, and they make her feel like she is never alone and always has family by her side!

Since my mother injuries there are people who have been busy stuffing their pockets with my mother's Social Security Income and other liquid assets, it's as if they are making sure that there is no money left for her.

The combined Guardian-Attorney fees and charges to make telephone calls, pay bills for her, some paid late and with late fees, which also comes out of my mothers income and assets are leaving her in the red and leaving us struggling to pay for the much needed dental care and medicines. These combined fees for the "guardian" and his lawyer come to a total of $850.00 per hour!

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There ought to be a law against taking an elders Social Security Income for which they depend on for food and medications! An elders' Social Security income is their 'life-line'!

People of this Nation work hard to earn, save and pay into Social Security so that when they can no longer work, they can sustain themselves without having to become a burden to their family or Society!

The 'system' that is meant to protect the elderly and their Social Security income needs to be reformed to protect helpless elders who can not speak for themselves against the practice of over billing until the elder is left indigent.

It is my opinion that when self serving attorneys mislead the courts into thinking that a guardianship is appropriate, especially when other means 'less retrictive' are available, this can cause severe consequences and can lead to destroying not only the elders life, but also the lives of family members who try to help.

We, Clara's family, have been enduring a life of turmoil due to the changes that were forced upon her after she became affected by the ravages of old age, but we have stood strong, even under very adverse circumstances.

My in-laws, on their visiting vacation, have now agreed to stay with us a few more months, they must return home soon as they have to adhere to the laws of the Visas of being in this country, all of this to enable me to recover and get work to make up for the shortfall of my mother's Social Security income being diverted.

Clara G. Fernandez can not survive indefinitely without her full Social Security income!

Even if her Social Security income was restored today, it could take the Social Security Administration at least 60 days to make that change, how will she survive for 60 days?

Does anyone have any answers?, D.C.F.?, A.P.S.?......... Anyone?

Does Anyone Really Care?

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