Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will a Russo-American Nuclear War Happen (Soon)?


In recent weeks, US commentators (e.g., P. C. Roberts and W. S. Lind) on Russia’s intervention into the Republic of Georgia (a US client state in the South Caucasus Mountains) to reverse the Georgian invasion of breakaway region South Ossetia, believe the blundering belligerence of US policy toward Russia could escalate to the point of armed confrontation, and this would erupt into a nuclear war.

The logic assumed is that the US would have to rely on missile-borne tactical nuclear warheads launched by air and naval forces to counter Russian troops and armor in the Caucasus, since the US is too distant to transport its troops quickly, and many of them are bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows, maybe also Iran by that time. The Russians could be assumed to use their tactical nuclear weapons to compensate for their possible disadvantage of having less technically sophisticated weapons systems relative to the ”smart bomb” precision-guided munitions and “stealth” delivery vehicles of the US military. Once a shooting war starts, the natural tendency is to reach for your biggest guns and fire away before the other guy can clear his holster.

So, is a new nuclear war possible? Let’s muse on this. After all, the time necessary for rationality to work its good is only available before the shoot-out, or after the killing is done and the survivors are ready to move on to the burials.

This is is one of the most brilliant and logical analysis that I have read , Manuel Garcia Jr. is a retired physicist who spent 15 years working on US underground nuclear tests. Time and effort have gone into understanding why nuclear weapons still exist. E-mail =

Read this eye opening and brilliant analysis in its entirety here =>>

Editor's Note:

As I see many families assets that took lifetimes and generations to build plundered into oblivion and as I see this pattern repeated over and over with the many friends I have met through this web site in which entire estates of hundreds of thousands of dollars are wiped out in a relative short at times a matter of weeks through double standards and arbitrary rules that favor the " Control Group" I believe that what is happening with the exploitation of our elders and most vulnerable in which a few profit from the weak and downtrodden is but a microcosm of what is happening in a larger macrocosm in which the purpose of war (actual,legal or symbolic ) is to increase your degree of control OVER OTHERS. This is usually equated to having acquired greater (Wealth) political and military power. This is true even if the the war is conducted as nothing beyond brigandage and piracy: plunder, profit and wealth are seen as increasing your power to control events.


Ray said...

9-05-08 Georgia will be in our Nato alliance, Cheney warns Moscow Mr Cheney's warm words for Georgia's Nato aspirations are likely to cause consternation in several European capitals, particularly Berlin and Paris.As the Vice-President spoke, the USS Mount Whitney, the flagship of the Navy's 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, was steaming through the Dardanelles, heading for the Georgian port of Batumi with a cargo of humanitarian aid. Mr Cheney's comments are likely to fan tensions in the volatile region, a week after Dimitri Medvedev, the Russian President, warned the West that he was ready for a renewed Cold War.

Anonymous said...

The Georgian people have a right to choose whether they want to be allied with the West, free of external interference from the Kremlin. Russia is reverting to totalitarian, imperialistic and expansionist tendencies of days past. The 21st century has no place for reconstituted Tsarist/Soviet empire.

Anonymous said...

s-300 & soviet nukes
not only have the russians supplied iran with the s-300, but others have reported that the iranians purchased 20 nuclear warheads during the collapse of the former soviet union. and indeed, some soviet missiles are unaccounted for. these atomic laden missiles are held deep underground just outside of natanz. this makes any strike on iranian nuclear plants especially perilous. a persian atomic response to such an attack could be castastrophic. of course they would be inviting a similar response, but the leadership there doesn't seem to be entirely logical. they want to provoke the end of days.

Anonymous said...

in the book, The Secret War with Iran, Bergman claims that US Vice President Richard Cheney contacted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert after the release of the controversial US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran's nuclear program late last year to tell him that the US had "not discarded" the possibility "of an American military operation against Iranian nuclear targets."

Bergman writes that the Mossad's assessment, as of May this year, is that President George W. Bush, "out of religious and ideological motives, will order a strike."

Elsewhere in the book, Bergman provides details of a familiar charge that France deliberately chose not to arrest Hizbullah terror mastermind Imad Mughniyeh when he passed through Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport in the mid-1980s, because it feared that stopping him would prompt further terrorism against its interests.