Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Neighboor Was Setting Us Up!

Key West,Florida USA by Ray Fernandez

As a great many of you are aware , Clara G. Fernandez Social Security Income has been High jacked since July 8th,. 2007.

In spite of there being absolutely NO indication that her family or caregivers have EVER misused her income, it has been diverted and is now being used to pay for attorney fees under the Guise (sic) of protecting her.

Before the forced confiscation of her social security income, we were barely able to meet expenses , now without, Clara is living below the poverty level, with many luxuries like dinner out or ice cream by the beach - OUT OF REACH-

The bottom line that what could be considered Clara's final days are spent a living hell, from hearing to hearing while we are doing everything we can to free Clara and re gain her civil rights while the guardian fights to remain as long as possible and to bill as much as could possibly be imagined at the incapacitated elder's expense.

Everything takes money, in an effort to survive we had attempted to rent out "Mother In Law Quarters" or efficiency apt that we had fixed up adjoining the main house.

In Key West there is quite a furor about the shortage of affordable housing for our workers that can ill afford to live here so we had planned to do our share to ease the crisis by renting out an un used "Mother In Law Suite".

We had spent dollars we can ill afford in an ad in the newspaper and finally had a Coast Guard conscript that spends most of his time on a US Coast Guard Cutter patrolling our shores, happy to have found a place he could afford for $1,200 a month where he could un wind away from work.

My next door neighbor was acting funny and threatening We'll see you in court" so I smelled something was up and called a friend at the Zoning and Code enforcement division who confirmed that my neighbor had been in contact with the Zoning division and had a complaint, on file just waiting for the Coast Guard conscript to move in to bust me with a large fine, make a problem for the coast guard guy and hurt Clara's chances of gaining some income.

All Avenues for the Elder Clara are being cut off , HELP IS NOT FORTHCOMING and there is no possibility that Clara will be able to end her days in her own home .

Elected and appointed officials, do something about the madness of Elder Exploitation Otherwise,

I suggest you hang your heads in shame.

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