Monday, September 22, 2008

On Vultures and IRA's

Being the target of an IRA (Involuntary Redistribution of Assets) practitioner is awful. Ask the folks in Buchanan County, Missouri, how it felt to have the guardian allegedly designated to “protect” them instead deny something so basic as their Social Security checks. Read more about the circumstances and losses of Dr. Vernon Sinn at

To see assets, belongings or property that you or a loved one spent a lifetime accumulating taken by people for whom these items were never intended is a lifechanging experience. It can destroy your well- being, confidence and respect for people and institutions.
Many people truly don’t know that IRA acts happen. Others, frankly, don’t care. Still more (and this is a big group) think it can’t happen to them. Estate of Denial has learned a lot about the psychology of IRA predators and the “can’t happen to me” folks are the most ripe targets of all.


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Anonymous said...

The laws on the books must be enforced, and everyone involved in creating this hijacking must have everything they own confiscated and go to jail at the very least: because to do less would be to encourage these new-old Robber-Barons to continue with business as usual.