Monday, September 22, 2008

Biggest Transfer of Wealth - Vultures Moving In-America On Sale Part II

Vulture funds may lift real-estate market in South Florida

Miami ,Florida USA by Dougls Hank

For about a year, so-called vulture funds have circled South Florida's besieged real-estate market, waiting for enough carnage to force deep discounts on large blocks of unsold condominiums. Some think last week's meltdown on Wall Street may herald the arrival of that moment.,

As many as 100 investment funds are shopping for South Florida real estate, hoping to buy extremely low during the current crisis.

''When you talk to most of these vulture-type investors, they all say they want to buy when there's blood on the streets,'' said Peter Zalewski...

Fluctuating currency markets add to the urgency for many of the funds with investment dollars from overseas. ''Israel's here in a big way,'' said Adam Greenberg, managing director of BayBridge Real Estate Group, which is representing about a dozen funds.

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Anonymous said...

This so-called government in Washington no longer represents the people of this land, they only represent the corporations and the global interests of the ancient New World Order that seek to enslave Americans along with everyone else. In this case the idea is to create a fire-sale out of a once thriving economy in order to buy up what's left of this country at bargain prices, before they declare themselves the sole owners of the world.