Monday, September 15, 2008

Help They Are Destroying My Family

by Ray Fernandez

After the car accident on August 29th, 2008 I have been
in quite a deal of pain and having a hard time moving around.

I am very concerned because the extra cost for medications and doctor comes at a times when I have been trying to make up for my mother Social security income shortfall.

I'm afraid that now without my mother's extra social security income I will not be able to take care of her or cover other people's expenses to help me take care of her any longer unless the cash flow to pay for her most basic needs is reverted back from paying attorney Donald E. Yates $400/hour, his attorney David P. Horan $450/hour.

The cost of the Guardianship for 6 months has been approx $60,000.00 with very little of that going towards the preservation of my mother's comfort or direct care and approx 90% going to attorneys and their associates. This long court fight has been going on for 4 long years and has involved 23 attorneys, all paid for by my non suspecting incapacitated mother who has been fleeced to the bone.

My health is suffering from the additional stress, this is criminal, a tax certificate was sold on my mother's home, generating penalties of 18%, I just found out that my mother other real estate holdings are due to be auctioned off on the courthouse steps on 21 day of October 2008. See notice.(below)

My mother made payments for 20 years on these real estate holdings and to see them sold off for cents on the dollar , (for back taxes) is making me sick !

The sad part is before the court appointed guardian all the bills were current and up to date, we had money in the bank, to take us through another couple of years of hard times, now we are being totally bankrupt because the money that should go to pay for my mother's expenses, preservation of her assets, is now being used in a feeding frenzy for attorneys leaving her estate to be auctioned off on the courthouse steps piece meal after a lifetime of sacrifice.

This is an abomination of the highest order, I am no longer proud to be an American or wishing to live here, after seeing my parents entire estate picked off, my father killed from a broken heart from a forced separation in order to get at my families ,Cd's, Bonds,Stocks , and my mother incapacitated from neglect after being drugged.

Every penny we can scarf up goes to pay for my mother rapidly mounting medical expenses and to pay for those that are picking her bones clean in legal fees that we neither need nor asked for.

Ray Fernandez

Hearing Notice for attorney Guardian fees on September 25th
Tax Sale on the Courthouse Steps of property that Clara and A.J. Fernandez made payments on for 20 years.

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Anonymous said...

We have not spoken for so long, I am so sorry to hear of your illness and your ongoing problems with the thieves that are stealing your mothers holdings. For several years now, I have tried to get someone to listen, I have tried to get these thieves and abusers stopped but it seems nothing we are doing or have been doing has helped. I do not know what else to say or what else I can say. I am sorry Ray.