Monday, September 22, 2008

“Marked for Destruction” hits the mark

Retired police officer John Caravella has written an important book called Marked for Destruction which tells the story of Adele Fraulen, an elderly woman who becomes an Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) victim when a professional legal guardian, with the help of an attorney and network of other unscrupulous individuals, use a court-appointed guardianship to gain physical, legal and financial control of her life.

People don’t understand how the personal freedom and financial assets of American citizens can and are being hijacked via our legal system. These acts quietly happen every day across this country. And the stories you hear about are likely just the “tip of the iceberg.” Read Adele’s story. The lack of recourse and public agencies/officials’ disinterest is real. People involved often can’t (lack of time/financial resources) or don’t know how to fight yielding victory to the asset looters and property poachers. Adele was only freed from her guardianship due to long-term painstaking advocacy on her behalf by Chris and Patricia Zurillo, a couple with whom she was neighbors and friends.

Many acts detailed in this book mirror the pattern of events we see in other IRA cases, especially with regard to the way in which the legal system was used. This book should be especially noteworthy for people who think something like this will never happen to them. If you are the person who has been financially responsible, managed to accumulate any degree of assets and have or are willing to execute “proper estate planning documents,” you are an IRA practitioner’s dream! It just takes the right timing and opportunity. An organized financial portfolio with estate documents to manipulate or reinterpret makes it easy for individuals with legal knowledge or assistance and without ethics or decency constraints. Live in an area where the courts “take care of their own” instead of respecting the concept of property or personal rights and the looting becomes even easier.

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A TRUE statement:
"Lack of recourse and public agencies/officials disinterest is REAL"


and a LOT of GREED!!!!!!