Friday, September 5, 2008

Letters To Editor 'My Own Experience'

Revised from 8-26-08

My own experience in learning about financial exploitation of the elderly came as the result of watching a very dear friend be convinced to turn his back on long-time acquaintances, finance questionable schemes and change an estate plan that had been in place for years. Since he’d never been married, there was no one with legal standing to question what was going on.

I read Ms Masiello's book and immediately bought more copies to give to friends. I am especially impressed that she was willing to share personal details about herself and her family in order to expose the tactics used by those who went after her father’s assets. As she found, when someone has been brainwashed to be suspicious of those closest to them, it’s especially difficult to convince authorities that something is wrong.

Since this began, I’ve been told many similar stories about relatives, friends, or simply acquaintances. These stores should not be lost. If you’ve witnessed elder abuse or exploitation, please do something. You can:

* Visit the http://www.NCEA.aoa.govsite to find a local resource who can help
* Visit the site to learn how to contact your legislators
* Visit the site to share your experience


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