Sunday, September 7, 2008


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Key West,Florida USA By Ray Fernandez

This is especially hard on our elders, especially Clara G. Fernandez whose home was devastated during Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and who has not had the full benefit of her social security income since July of 2007.

On July 7,2007 even though Clara has had the benefit of her family by her side 24/7 a guardian, Mr. Robert Tischenkel was appointed as guardian for the person and finances of my mother.

Mr. Tischenkel immediately took over her social security income of approximately $2,000 per month, coincidentally the guardian charges for legal fees were approx. $2,000 per month. More recently Mr. Donald E Yates has taken over the guardianship of Mrs.Fernandez's finances.

Since the Guardianship costs have been approx.$60,000.00 of Mrs Fernandez's money there has been little or no money left for her or her family who cares for her 24/7 and takes care of all her expenses.

To have to evacuate with little or no money and face the UN-known is a real challenge for Clara G.Fernandez and her family. This while the Guardian and his attorney enjoy a combined income of $850/hour.

It is my opinion that this is a classic example of the challenges that the new leadership of America faces today where a chosen few profit of the weak and unfortunate with little or no regard to the consequences or hardships that middle America faces.

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*Update Sat 3PM : Received a letter from the guardian that the residual of the SS would be made available to Clara, this is a positive development. He says "They should go to pay for her health,benefit and welfare." this is kind of hypocritical when the guardian has been given receipts showing that the caregivers have been spending way in excess of that in her care,benefit and welfare.

*Update Sat Oct 25th 2008: This was a hoax, there was no residual turned over to Clara upon the ending of her Guardianship on Oct 3rd 2008

It is my opinion that the Guardian knew from the beginning that Clara was/is/has been exceptionally well taken care of : this not coming from me but from her doctors, DCF, neighbors, friends, in short anyone that knows her, yet by refuting this fact for financial gain and expending down her last $60,000 in frivolous legal fees, this within a 6 month period for an average of $10,000 per month in legal fees charged Clara ! for?

Clara has now been left with no financial pillow of safety to fall back on, the inability to maintain her home, long term and tough decisions lie ahead.The once proud and independent elder now will have to depend on Medicaid and other government services at the taxpayers expense.

The suit of righteousness doesn't fit the guardian or his attorneys well when you poke your finger in our eye by insinuations, innuendos, when you take her money as it is US her family who have always been there for A.J. and Clara.

We really would have expected you to do the right thing from the beginning and told the court what you told me "Clara did not need a guardian" this would have given Clara a fighting chance and saved her the 2x billing , ( the cost of fighting the G'ship and the cost of itself) a year ago when she still had some money, then you would you have earned my respect.

If this story of exploitation shocks you, the fleecing of my parents estate after they became incapacitated and the callousness and depravity to which we have sunk in order to make a buck at the expense of our most vulnerable it is most shocking to me also who has to live with the consequences.

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