Sunday, September 7, 2008

Russia May Come to Iran's Help as Preparations are Underway.

Russia may use nuclear aid to Iran as a method of responding to increased tensions between Moscow and Washington over the conflict in Georgia, the Sunday Times reported.

"Everything has changed since the war in Georgia," the source told the paper. "What seemed impossible before, is more than possible now, when our friends become our enemies and our enemies our friends. What are American ships doing off our coast? Do you see Russian warships off the coast of America? Putin said at his meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at the Kremlin.

The Iranian nuclear program is a dangerous gamble which may lead to a "catastrophic" Israeli military strike, French President Nicholas Sarkozy warned on Thursday.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy attends summit in Damascus
"Iran is taking a very big chance when it continues with the process of attaining nuclear weapons - and on that we are certain," Sarkozy said during a press conference in Damascus. "We may wake up to the day when Israel - regardless of who is in charge - attacks."

"Russia will respond. A number of possibilities are being considered, including hitting America there where it hurts most ....... ".


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