Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Financial Crisis" perpetrated on The American People.

Listen to our two hour live show tomorrow, (Saturday, November 1), 6-8 PM Central or 5-7 PM ET with expert on U.S. monetary system, Andrew Gause.It is "The Real World of Money" and a special Saturday Live Edition, call in!

"The Real World of Money" Featuring Currency Historian Andrew Gause withPatrick Timpone - Saturday, November 1st. 6-8 PM Central , 5-7 ET Live Call in Show! 888.663.6386

This special Saturday edition, broadcasting from our flagship, 590 KLBJ Radio, Austin and on will be a blast!Andrew and Patrick will lay out for many new listeners in Central Texas this amazing story of who is truly benefiting who is loosing from the "Financial Crisis" perpetrated on The American People.What is unprecedented here is the breadth and ostensibly brazen actions being taken by The Powers That Be with little regard for The U.S. Constitution and simply doing the right thing for Americans.Mark your calendar to join us on 590 AM KLBJ Radio, Austin 6-8 PM Saturday, November 1st. and also on

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