Friday, February 13, 2009

Call to Action !

Janet's radio show on Wednesday nite was on fire and there were some real progress made. Dr. Shirley Moore, National President of Disclosure Watch.US, offered some concrete actions.

We urge you to write Dr. Shirley Moore at and join the legal joint effort and class actions being put into motion to address elder exploitaion as a means for personal enrichment, as the perpetrators wantonly destroy lives,causing untold suffering and needless and premature deaths.

Those in Florida can write the to participate in these efforts against unscrupulous looters and grave robbers that have caused so many people so much pain.

"Melodie Scott has lost her license to be a conservator or fiduciary, due to allegations of criminal misconduct. She has robbed the elderly and made inappropriate health care decisions, resulting in client death. Possibly now she will be tried, convicted and justice will be delivered to this monster."

This is a review for C.A.R.E. Inc, which is a conservatorship mill run by Melodie Scott, of "Probate Murders" infamy. We trust all of you will post here and encourage others to post here your opinion regarding this abusive practice that is causing so many to lose faith in our legal system and our Judges to take care of our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and disabled.

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