Saturday, February 14, 2009

Citizens for Legal Reform

Lary Holland (.com). As you can tell we have been quite busy putting together a new experience for our listeners, readers, and viewers across all of our media platforms as well as setting up opportunities for advertisers. You might notice that we now have Get Off The Bench schedules listed here as well as at the show website. ( and have added some additional programming for your benefit and to better meet the needs of some of our listener base. We are working hard to expose those issues that need to have immediate reform.
Our media network focuses on important social issues, such as protecting our children from dangerous governmental policies, encouraging judicial reform, promoting concepts such as equal parenting where parents are both fit, and many other important social and political subjects that reject government intrusion without sufficient protective thresholds for the citizenry.

The Media Network involves such projects as our blog, targeted newsletters with extended nationwide reach, and talk shows such as Get Off The Bench and Get Off The Bench Q&A. We are unmatched in our consistent reach to people in need of help. Our network opens up opportunities for advocacy organizations to connect with volunteers, legal firms that support complete representation of client interests instead of their own to connect with clients, and advertisers to all connect on one platform for maximum exposure and synergy.

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